How To Train Your Dog

Teaching your dog to respond to basic commands is quite easy at all.

Follow these simple tips on how to train your dog to sit and get the best results you are looking for.

Training your dog to sit or “sit” command is easy and relatively enjoyable for your dog, who will master it quickly.

Rules for educating the dog to sit

Training sessions should be short. Five minutes is enough to start, especially for a puppy. They should be done at times when the dog is submissive, after a walk where he has discharged his energy.

Any time of day is good, it is not necessary to structure the training. You should also incorporate it into your daily life, for example, do not give him his food until he is seated, or take him out for a walk if he is not in the desired position.

Make training a fun time for both you and your dog. Do not make it a torture, it will not work.

The sessions should be full of repetitions, compliments, and positive reinforcements.

Do not expect your dog to learn it quickly or to remember it forever. You must remind him of the meaning of the command through repetition throughout his life.

Start the training sessions in a family environment, without distractions. Then, once you have learned the command, you can practice it in other areas.

Some trainers recommend the “clicker” method, where they make the “click” sound to let the dog know the desired behavior and reward it with a treat. The dog begins to associate the sound with the reward and when they do something that generates a click they want to keep doing it over and over again.

Another technique for training puppies to sit is to say “sit” (whatever you prefer) whenever you are about to sit, in a clear and firm tone. As soon as her bottom touches the ground, give her a reward, which can be a treat for dogs and a simple treat.

What you are doing in this way is that the puppy can relate the word “sit” with the desired action, getting to understand that in that way will have a reward. Be consistent and persevering and you will get fast results.

The following way of teaching the dog to sit serves both puppies and adults. You need to stand in front of your dog, with something tasty in your hand. Move your hand to the level of the nose above your head, always within a few inches of your pet.

Your dog will follow the treat with his nose, which will make him sit. As soon as you do, reward him with the treat and with flattery. If in that path you do with your hand, the dog jumps or cannot sit, it is because you are not doing well.

Repeat it several times throughout the day, but without forcing it. Once you do, you must enter the word “sit” together before you begin to move the hand. You will soon see that with the single word you will sit down.

The last option to educate the dog to sit is to train him with the leash. The moment you have your walking strap on, stand next to your dog, both of you looking forward, and pull the strap upwards while with your other hand press your hip to sit, accompanying the action with the word “sit”.

Do it several times during your walks and you will see how suddenly you will not need to press your hip, and later you will not need to pull the strap up either.